Plywood Costarricense S.A.

Plywood Costarricense owns 2 farms in the Sarapiquí area, with a total area of 1,280 ha, (3200 acres) in protected forests out of which 860 ha (2150 acres) approximately correspond to very humid tropical forest, with an average annual rainfall of 3500 mm. Part of these forests have been subject to Sustainable Forest Management, a useful tool to avoid deforestation, since it allows the sustainable use of forest assets without destroying it. This has allowed the conservation of these forests over time.
Total Area
Effective Area

Protection of the forest in the farms is important as it is an area deemed important for biodiversity protection, part of a biological corridor, water priority and most importantly for the high risk of forest loss embedded within an area with a low development social index.

These farms are in the vicinity of the Barra del Colorado Mixed Wildlife Refuge (to the east of the farms) and the Maquenque Mixed Wildlife Refuge (to the west of the farms), so the conservation of this forest is also essential to promote connectivity between these two protected wild areas, helping the ecosystems to maintain their great biodiversity. However, the farms are surrounded by a landscape that has been losing forest cover, mainly due to by pineapple production expansion.

The Global Information Facility reports fewer reports of bird occurrences (yellow dots), compared with other farms, but it is due to the location of the Plywood farms, as they are not located in a region with important tourism routes; however, most of the same species roam the overall landscape.