The Lapa Verde Refuge farm is managed by the Ecovida Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the sustainable protection of flora and fauna, through a strategy of protection and restoration of various habitats (lagoons, streams, swamps, bushes, tropical forests) fighting against deforestation, poaching and raising awareness among the local population. Since 2013, this refuge has been recognized by the Costa Rican government as a Private Wildlife Refuge.
Total Area
Effective Area

This refuge has a total area of ​​660.8 ha, of which 597 ha corresponds to a very humid tropical forest (both primary and secondary), with an average rainfall of 4000 mm per year.

It is located within the Selva Biological Corridor in San Juan, important for preserving migration routes between ecosystems, in addition to preserving its biodiversity. In this Corridor, there are extensive forests with a large quantity of Mountain Almond (Dipteryx panamensis), an emblematic tree associated with the habitat of the Great Green Macaw (Ara ambigua). A high biological diversity can be found in this area.