Río Jabillos INT S.A.

Mr. Gonzalo Ramírez Guier, as representative of Río Jabillos INT S.A., owns 3 farms, which have areas of very humid tropical forest in 164 ha. The average rainfall in these areas is 4,500 mm per year.
Total Area
Effective Area

Mr. Ramírez, since he acquired the farms, decided to conserve the forest areas, which contribute to the connectivity between the different forest patches in the area, as well as the protection of water sources. These forests have been subject to Sustainable Forest Management, a useful tool to prevent deforestation, since it allows the sustainable use of forest goods and services without destroying it.

Señor Ramírez’s farms are located within the San Juan La Selva Biological Corridor, important for preserving migration routes between ecosystems, in addition to preserving their own biodiversity. In this corridor there are extensive forests with a large number of mountain almond trees (Dipteryx panamensis), an emblematic tree associated with the habitat of the Great Green Macaw (Ara ambigua).